We didn’t invent the markerboard, but we are coming up with exciting new ways to use it every day!

Markerboards have been gaining considerable popularity in recent years due to their fun and functional capabilities. Markerboards are being specified on everything from full-size panels, segmented panels, and even full-size desks and table tops! Use these tools for organization, collaboration, and presentations.


Our beautiful Glass Markerboards are available in classic white as well as other custom colors*. Our glass markerboards are very thin and sleek, and they are available in a variety of sizes so they can be used virtually anywhere. Glass cleans perfectly with wet or dry cleaners.  A great solution for anywhere you want a functional place to share information with coworkers or clients.

Tables | Desks

  • White markerboard laminate
  • Graph laminate

Wall-Mounted Glass Marker Boards

  • Custom manufactured to any size
  • Available in traditional white or an array of special colors

Panel-Mounted Glass Marker Boards

  • gen2 Work - incorporate as a skin built into the panel
  • gen2 Avenir - mount directly on the panel
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