Sustainability Statement

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Reduced, Reused & Recycled

Our aggressive, sustainable practices put the planet first.

Responsible Printing

Printed on uncoated paper with a high percentage of PCW, sourced from well-managed forests located in North America or Europe and certified by one of the three major organizations who follow the trees, pulp, and paper through the entire chain of custody.  Some are certified in all three.

Sustainable Product Option

Avenir Panels may consist of post-consumer materials that would otherwise be discarded and sent to a landfill.  Materials that do not meet our strict quality standards are sent to be recycled.

Sustainable Fabric Option

We do offer our customers fabric options from Terratex that are 100% recycled or bio-based materials that are completely recyclable.

Buyback Program

We do offer a buyback program should you have surplus furniture. Panels and other metal components may be accepted depending on the product mix, quantities, and locations. After the buyback, components are reused, recycled or sold again as “as-is” products.


We are very proud of the investment made in our state-of-the-art powder coat process. Unlike liquid paint, no solvents are used and only negligible amounts of harmful VOCs are released.


We use paper-based packaging for all of our products for 100% recyclable packaging.

Work Environment

We are engaged in a process to revamp our facilities and make them more energy efficient. We utilize energy-efficient lighting in our office and factory, and all lights and desk monitors are turned off when not in use.

We have made great strides towards going completely paperless by sending and receiving payments, orders, and invoices electronically. We utilize this electronic system to process and manage our customer’s product.