Health & Privacy

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Our Shields provide protection for situations requiring face-to-face transactions as well as spaces where social distancing is not possible.  Options would include (but are not limited to) freestanding and hanging, desktop mounted, 4-way, and hinged.  We also offer custom retrofitted Shields for nearly any existing transaction point


Our Zone Dividers can add privacy, create space division for personal protection and separate different areas into unique zones.  The freestanding and mobile versions can be easily moved as your space requires.  More customized solutions are available to provide side-by-side protection options.


Our Extenders/Stackers allow for increased personal protection by expanding the height of workstation panels or other existing extenders.  Extenders are available in frameless glass options or as framed (stackers).

Finish Options

  • Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Fabric