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Our Bench meets the definition of "open office concept" for maximizing space and collaboration. Our Bench system features a raised beam for power and data that provides seamless access and wire management to all users. The raised beam keeps everything off the floor and contributes to the clean, open appearance associated with benching furniture, but at a much lower price.

Our Power Beam can also be sold separately to distribute power and data to other non-traditional workplace furniture.


  • Fixed or height-adjustable
  • Independent T-leg design
  • Multiple power options
  • Wire management options
  • Includes Power Beam
  • Power beam distributes power and data wires to each work area.
  • Power beam uses power poles or base-in-power feeds to connect benching to the building source.
  • Fabric and glass screen partitions
  • Mobile pedestals or low storage options
  • Privacy screens connect to power beam or to individual worksurfaces.

Finish Options

  • We offer many finishes to choose from. View our finish section to see all available options.