The Work system features customizable skins and glass options for a sleek modern look and functionality. With the Work system, you can create an attractive space that meets all your needs and fits within your budget.

Work panels ship fully assembled.  Since the panel ships 100% complete, the packaging materials have been greatly reduced. Plus, you can expect labor savings of about 50% to install! In the event of accidental damage, panel skins can be removed and replaced on-site for minimal disruption to the workplace.


  • Panels: 2" thick
  • Overhead Storage: gen2 bins and shelves
  • Tasklight: standard 20" LED dimmable
  • Worksurfaces: 1-1/4" thick with 3mm edge
  • Pedestals: J-pull with FR lock core
  • Electrical: 5-wire/3-circuit or 8-wire/4-circuit (gen2 or original Steelcase power)

Finish Options

  • Double pane glass:  Clear, grey, frosted
  • Painted glass:  Select your color
  • Markerboard laminate:  White
  • Fabric:  Tackable and non-tackable
  • Laminate:  Woodgrain, pattern, metal or textured
  • Acrylics
  • Metal
  • Fiberboard
  • Pass Through
  • Custom options available - Just ask!