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We take pride in creating quality office furniture that fits your budget. Our Avenir panels reuse original steel frames and UL-listed power with plenty of space for your electrical and data needs. gen2 Avenir is a quality hybrid product offering fabric panels.

Our Avenir is compatible with OEM parts and storage and we are able to provide remanufactured power and finishes to match existing. Customers also have the option to upgrade to all new gen2 storage.


  • Panels: 2” thick
  • Overhead Storage:
  •   gen2 bins and shelves  
  •   OEM bins and shelves
  • Tasklight: standard 20” LED dimmable
  • Worksurface options:
  •   3mm front, 1-1/4” thick
  •   90-degree postform, 1-1/2” thick
  • Pedestal options
  •   J-pull front with FR lock
  •   Avenir style front with FR lock
  • Electrical:
  •   5-wire/3-circuit (Steelcase) or 8-wire/4-circuit (Steelcase)  
  •   gen2 8-wire/4-circuit
  • Finish Options:
  • All gen2 Finishes
  • OEM finish matches
  • Traditional and Sliding Doors

Finish Options

  • View our finishes section for all finish options.